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Christopher Griffin05 July 2020
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"I found the UKCAPSA Diploma from Fuze Ceremonies an excellent training package. It is modular, on-line and provides you with the flexibility to study, learn and experience what it takes to become a Celebrant. I thoroughly enjoyed taking the course - it was well structured, interesting and informative. I would recommend the course to anyone interested in being a Celebrant."
Evelyn05 July 2020
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"Enrolled for the UK Academy and loved it. One file was easy to navigate and the team were a great support when required. I learned lots of great tips from this and would highly recommend this course to any one interested."
Carole30 June 2020
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"I am so glad I took the plunge and did this course, to do a job that is enjoyable and exciting and no two days are ever the same. The course was intense but the support and encouragement I got from my mentors really helped me through it. I would definitely recommend it especially if you’re looking for a change in career, a career that’s rewarding. I’ve learned and gained new skills I never knew I had."
Marjorie30 June 2020
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"This is an excellent course, which although challenging was extremely easy to follow, had interesting and stimulating content and was well presented. Would highly recommend."
Debbie30 June 2020
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"The course is easy to understand & follow. Its very comprehensive & once completed you are in a good position to commence celebrancy work. You do have to be committed time wise but its not difficult. I learnt things about funerals I didn't know & now understand the origins of wedding symbolic gestures. So informative, writing to do, films to watch & research into topics. A great course!!"

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I had spent 22 years working for myself in a town centre restaurant servicing white and blue-collar workers. It was long hard hours, and in the beginning, it felt quite rewarding. What I failed to realise was that I missed out on big moments of my two girls growing up.
A symbolic gesture can be used to bring all the guests together and make them part of the couple’s day, which for many people is a very positive step in making their wedding that bit more personal.
Part of being a Celebrant may involve helping your couples choose readings for their special day. Being on the lookout for verses that resonate to you, may come in useful if they ask your advice on authors and poems. Here we get an insight into one of our Celebrants, Tegan Elder's favorites!