Using Symbolic Gestures in Humanist Weddings

A symbolic gesture can be used to bring all the guests together and make them part of the couple’s day, which for many people is a very positive step in making their wedding that bit more personal.
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How Do I Find My Couples Their Perfect Wedding Poem?

Part of being a Celebrant may involve helping your couples choose readings for their special day. Being on the lookout for verses that resonate to you, may come in useful if they ask your advice on authors and poems. Here we get an insight into one of our Celebrants, Tegan Elder's favorites!

Being Positive, Optimistic & Flexible

Our @Silvercelebrant John Leo Scott shares some great stories of the past months and solutions to a fast changing landscape.

Being a Funeral Celebrant

My social media posts are mainly filled with happy smiling Wedding Couples on their Wedding Day, but there are other aspects to my role as a Celebrant.

A Wedding of Brave Hearts

The forecast was horrendous the couple were stupendous and the location was tremendous!
Train to be a Celebrant

A Celebrant’s Journey

My personal journey started when I got married for the second time in 2019. The first time round my mum organised everything from frock to flowers, from cake to car, and I don't really remember much about it.