Lucy Black

Scottish Wedding Awards 2020 Nominee!!

Here at Fuze HQ, we love nothing more than arming our Celebrants with the skills needed to truly ROCK the socks off their ceremonies; therefore, you can imagine our excitement when we found out that our very own Lucy Black had been nominated for ‘Celebrant of the Year’ at this year’s Scottish Wedding Awards!! Now, we’re not being biased one little bit, but we reckon lovely Lucy has got this one in the bag! Here’s why:

Put simply, inspiring and unforgettable ceremonies are created by inspiring and unforgettable people. Our Celebrants are chosen for their creativity, energy, positivity and their genuine love of life and Lucy truly exemplifies all of the above. Known within Team Fuze as ‘Super Woman’, this gal is a small but perfectly formed FIRE-CRACKER with more energy, personality and joie-de-vivre than you could shake a stick at. Not only does Lucy deliver incredible ceremonies time after time, she also runs a successful ironing business, enjoys a busy social life, gets serious results at the gym, looks permanently flawless AND bosses motherhood with her troop of FOUR children (yes, you read it correctly, Lucy’s the proud mama to four kiddos)!!

Here’s what Fuze Director, Morag Webster, has to say about Lucy:

“From the first moment I met Lucy, I knew she would be an amazing addition to our team. She has taken to the role of Celebrant like a duck to water and is so natural in everything she does. Lucy’s passion for the role oozes from her. Her care and personal touch for every ceremony is given without a second thought, because she wants to give every couple a unique experience and a lasting memory of their big day. Lucy’s ability to seamlessly juggle everything being a Celebrant entails, run an ironing business, be an amazing wife and mum to four young creeps as well as find time for herself is inspiring and she’s truly somebody to look up to”.

While it’s easy for us to say how much we love Lucy and how worthy she is of this nomination/award, she wouldn’t have reached the point of being nominated without some incredible feedback. Over the years, hundreds of Lucy’s couples have contacted us to let us know how special she made their day. Here’s just a few:

“Lucy conducted our wedding ceremony at the weekend and I have to say it was absolutely perfect. People say there is always room for improvement, but in this case I genuinely couldn’t think of a single thing that could have been done better”. Rachel McVeigh

“We had our wedding on Saturday 7th September and honestly cannot recommend Lucy enough. She is so warm and funny and so many of our guests commented on how special she made the ceremony”. Lyndsey Henderson

“I’d like to thank Lucy so much for helping us to start our married life together. Lucy was completely the perfect person to do it and everyone has commented about how amazing she is. Getting to know her was brilliant and we are lucky we found her as she made it so funny! Our wedding was perfect in every single way and Lucy was such a big part of that and we’ll never forget that”. Michael Shaw

The 8th Scottish Wedding Awards will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Glasgow on Tuesday 25th February. Getting to the point of being narrowed down from hundreds of sensational Celebrants to just ten is no mean feat, and we’re ridiculously proud that Lucy will be attending and representing Fuze! She truly deserves this award.

Good luck to ALL Scottish Wedding Awards 2020 Nominees! You’re all superstars!

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