Suicide Awareness

"In a world where you can be anything, be kind"

The Funeral Celebrants from Fuze Ceremonies were incredibly saddened to hear of the death of Presenter, Caroline Flack, and our thoughts automatically go to her family and loved ones.

As Celebrants, we are there for the families of people who have chosen to end their lives. When we are invited to conduct a Funeral or Memorial Service for the deceased we see first-hand the void that is left behind and also hear the many unanswered questions they have. The families are dealing with so much more than the loss of their loved one. They are also left with the guilt and pain of wondering if they could have said or done more to help the victims. Self-blame creeps in or even blaming someone else for the death – ‘surely they could have done more’, ‘why did they not prevent this death from happening’ – the questions are endless.

Losing a family member to suicide is tragic – even more so, if a parent has lost their child, as they believe that it is their job to protect their family members and keep them from harm.

As Celebrants, we are not there to judge, we are there to help families pay tribute to their loved one for the life they led and not its final end or chapter. When a death, like Caroline’s, is made so public, we remember them – the hours spent with their family; the song played for reflection time; their favourite colour and lucky number. We remember them at times like this but families remember them every single day!

Suicide is a very painful and sometimes taboo subject, but as society changes then we must address the mental health issues that surrounds us. If you or someone else is having suicidal thoughts please reach out to someone, anyone – dark thoughts or triggers can come and go – please ask for help. People choose to end their life for whatever their reasons but statistics tell us that some suicides could have been prevented. Please don’t be afraid to reach out to family, friends or one of the following amazing organisations: The Samaritans; The Calm Zone; Mind.

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